Affiliate Links

Here are two ways to get or create your affiliate links. The first way very simple and quick, and will be what 99% of you want to use.

The second way requires just a little knowledge of HTML, but is very powerful if you want to be able to send people to almost any page on Gigantic Resale Rights and get credit if they make a purchase.

How to get links up and running fast and simple

The fastest way to get your affiliate links is through your affiliate account page at

1. Log into e-Biz-Portal to access your Gigantic Resale Rights affiliate account.

2. On the menu at the top click on "Promote" and then "Links."

3. You will see a table with a list of affiliate packages you can promote. Find Gigantic Resale Rights in the table and click on "view" in the "Promotion" column of the table.

4. A window will pop up with your custom affiliate links. The first one is the normal link to use, as it links to the Gigantic Resale Rights home page. The second one links directly to the Gigantic Resale Rights ordering page, in case you want to do your own marketing and just send people to the ordering page.

5. That's it! Now just use the link you choose as you would any link. (But remember, do not SPAM!)