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Gigantic Resale Rights Affiliate Program

The Gigantic Resale Rights Affiliate Program

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Terms of Use and Instructions

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Who can register as an affiliate?

You can register as an affiliate if:

  • You are 18 years of age.
  • You have a valid account with
  • You accept and abide with all the terms of use and rules mentioned on this page.

How to register as an affiliate

First read these terms of use and instructions carefully, as your registration constitutes an exceptance of these terms. Then register at e-Biz-Portal for our affiliate program.

Click HERE to register at e-Biz-Portal for the Gigantic Resale Rights Affiliate Program

You will receive a registration email with your log-in details for the affiliate program.

Your affiliate links

You will be able to get your affiliate links once you complete your registration. Additional affiliate tools will be available soon!

Ethical use - terms

Some simple rules:

  • Do not use SPAM to promote this affiliate program. Do not SPAM by email. Do not SPAM newsgroups. Do not SPAM comments on blogs. Do not SPAM by any means.
  • Do not make any false and/or fake promises at all.
  • Do not include your affiliate links on pornographic sites or any adult sites, or on any site that has NOTHING to do with Internet Marketing, Niche Marketing, and any kind of legal marketing on the Internet.
  • Do not use your affiliate links to order or to register as a sub-affiliate.
    In general, do not try to cheat the system.

Commission Plan

You will receive 50% for each sale generated by your affiliate link.

If the product sold is a one-time sale, you will receive 50% for that sale on the Payment Day (see "Payments" section).

If the product sold has recurring payments, such as monthly memberships in Gigantic Resale Rights, you will receive 50% of the first payment and 50% of each recurring payment on each Payment Day (see "Payments" section) for as long as that customer is a paying member.


"Payment Day" is defined as the 17th of each month. You will be paid on the Payment Day for all CLEARED orders from the previous month.

What does that mean?

If a product does not have a money-back guarantee, you will get paid for all orders for which a payment cleared (was received by Gigantic Resale Rights) during the previous month. For example, if a payment was received for a membership in Gigantic Resale Rights during April, you will get paid 50% commission for it on May 17th.

If a product has a money-back guarantee or if refunds may be granted, you will get paid for all orders for which any guarantee period ended during the previous month and for which there was not a refund given. For example, if a payment was received for a product during April and there is a 30 day money-back guarantee, you will get paid 50% commission for it on June 17th, if the customer did not request a refund before their 30 day guarantee expired during May.

Currently, memberships in Gigantic Resale Rights do not have a money-back guarantee and refunds are not normally allowed. This is because there is no easy way to stop people from requesting their money back while keeping (and selling!) copies of thousands of dollars worth of products! We do, however, reserve the right to institute such a guarantee or to consider refund requests on a case-by-case basis. is used for all affiliate payments. You must have a account to get paid your affiliate commission.

Your affiliate account is bound to the terms mentioned on this page and failure to comply with them may result in immediate deactivation of your affiliate account and seizure of your existing commissions. Furthermore, if we feel, based on our own personal opinion, that you have misused, or have engaged in any form of unethical actions or malpractice, we may deactivate your affiliate account at any time, and request that you cease promotion immediately.

We don't want to ever have to do that to anyone, so just follow the simple rules, OK? But we have to put that in these terms because, unfortunately, there will occasionally be someone who will violate the simple rules above, such as sending SPAM even when told not to, or who will do something else that could cause us serious business problems. And of course they are often the ones who argue the loudest that they should have the freedom to do anything when they are confronted with the issues. We're all for freedom, but since this is our business, we set the rules and we interpret the rules. But this is a resale rights site, so you can always start your own affiliate program with your own rules if you don't like these! Sound fair?

These terms of service may be subject to change. Our intent is to send an announcement to all affiliates by email whenever these rules change; however, just posting the change here will constitute sufficient notice of change whether or not an announcement is sent or received.

If you need any clarification, please contact us through the Support Desk.

Click HERE to register for the Gigantic Resale Rights Affiliate Program through e-Biz-Portal.

Affiliate Links

Here are two ways to get or create your affiliate links. The first way very simple and quick, and will be what 99% of you want to use.

The second way requires just a little knowledge of HTML, but is very powerful if you want to be able to send people to almost any page on Gigantic Resale Rights and get credit if they make a purchase.

How to get links up and running fast and simple

The fastest way to get your affiliate links is through your affiliate account page at

1. Log into e-Biz-Portal to access your Gigantic Resale Rights affiliate account.

2. On the menu at the top click on "Promote" and then "Links."

3. You will see a table with a list of affiliate packages you can promote. Find Gigantic Resale Rights in the table and click on "view" in the "Promotion" column of the table.

4. A window will pop up with your custom affiliate links. The first one is the normal link to use, as it links to the Gigantic Resale Rights home page. The second one links directly to the Gigantic Resale Rights ordering page, in case you want to do your own marketing and just send people to the ordering page.

5. That's it! Now just use the link you choose as you would any link. (But remember, do not SPAM!)

Affiliate Graphics

How to use these graphics

To use these graphics, save them to your computer (Internet Explorer users: right click and choose "Save Picture As") and then upload them to your server.

How to make any graphic a clickable link

To make any graphic a clickable link, copy the following code and replace "http://YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK" with your affiliate link and "http://URL-FOR-THE-GRAPHIC-ON-YOUR-SERVER" with the URL for the graphic on your Web server.


Affiliate Resources

Resources for Gigantic Resale Rights Affiliates

The following resources are designed to help you in promoting the Gigantic Resale Rights affiliate program.

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Get Affiliate Graphics: eCovers, Banners, Etc.

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