Resale Rights Articles

Resale Rights Articles

Resale Rights And Private Label Rights Case Study - What Are People Looking For?

Do you buy or sell master resale rights or private label rights products? Or have you ever thought about doing so, but wondered which master resale rights or private label rights products or authors are most popular? Or have you wondered whether people are more interested in eBooks or in software and scripts?

Even if you are not interested in master resale rights or private label rights, have you ever wondered whether you should be blogging and pinging RSS feed directories? Or whether you should add an articles section to your website? Or whether anyone really reads terms of service or privacy policies?

Determining what products will be in-demand and how people surf is one of the first steps in strategic Internet marketing. If you buy or sell master resale rights or private label rights products, this case study should be invaluable. It is based on 8 weeks (through September 5, 2006) of page views within the members' area at Gigantic Resale Rights.

Resale Rights - A Simple 5 Step Plan For Viral Marketing And Follow-Up

Master resale rights products are perfect for creating a business that is easy to promote with viral marketing techniques. Here is a simple 5 step plan for creating your own product line from other people's master resale rights products and marketing it with viral marketing and automated follow-up.

Resale Rights - Are You Making These Three Mistakes?

by Mike Adams

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they start selling resale rights products is doing exactly the same thing in the same way as everyone else. Another big mistake is doing what nobody else is doing.

Sound a bit contradictory? Here's what I mean...

Master Resale Rights: 5 Lessons Bill Gates Could Teach You

Copyright 2006 by Mike Adams

Smart Internet marketers know that buying master resale rights is a shortcut to getting products on the market. But did you know that Bill Gates and the Microsoft empire were built from purchasing master resale rights?

That's right - the richest man in the world bought the rights to DOS, the operating system that began the Microsoft empire.

There are 5 important lessons Bill Gates could teach you about master resale rights.

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