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10 Steps to Killer Web Copy

Cover Graphic 10 Steps to Killer Web Copy, by Louis Allport and Alex Mandossian

Author or publisher: Louis Allport and Alex Mandossian

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Description: Discover The 10 Simple Steps To Writing Web Copy Guaranteed To Bring In An Avalanche Of Sales...

If you haven't heard of Alex Mandossian and you're in Internet marketing, you'd better check and make sure your Internet connection hasn't been down for several years!

Alex Mandossian is one of the most in-demand Internet copywriters around. Over the past twelve years, Alex has made himself and his clients over $184 million in sales. Alex is actually the genius copywriter behind a number of the most successful direct marketing campaigns on the Internet. Top Internet marketers regularly seek out his advice and copywriting skills.

Louis Allport spent hours grilling Alex in a phone interview... and he got Alex to reveal something he hasn't ever revealed publicly before: His 10-step simple and proven formula for writing web copy that really sells.

It's one of the most straight forward, clearly explained, and simple to follow systems I've ever seen for writing copy that is proven to work.

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Notes: You may distribute this eBook however you wish, but you may not alter this eBook in any way or claim it as your work. You may sell it offline if you wish, on CD or printed out, however you like. There is a link in the eBook to download all of the audio for the original interview. Unfortunately, time has passed and the link no longer works. But the information in this eBook is great even without the audio.

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