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Author or publisher: Ayush Das

Value: $17 Without Resale Rights / $47 With Master Resale Rights - FREE for Members!

Description: What If You Could Increase Sales From Your Email Marketing Campaigns By Up To 300%?

You can, just by personalizing your website like you would an autoresponder email! Marketers like Corey Rudl and Gary Halbert have tested and proven that personalization can increase sales by up to 300%. Now you can do it, simply and easily just by adding a few lines of code on your website. Instantly improve your results by up to 300% with this simple solution.

Rights: Includes Master Resale Resell Rights. You can sell this product at any price. You can also sell the Resale Rights or Master Resale Rights at any price. You can also give this product away for free, give it away as a bonus, or include it in a package. You may not, however, give away the Master Resale Rights for free. Please see terms and conditions for additional important information about rights.


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