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How To Create A Web Site In 5 Days

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Author or publisher: Bina Omar

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Description: Discover how you can create your own web site in 5 days. Use affordable tools and save a fortune! Includes video enhanced tutorials.

How do you get hold of a professional business web site without having to burn a big hole in your wallet hiring a web developer to create one for you?

The magic answer : Do It Yourself!

This step-by-step instructional e-book is written in simple and straight-forward English and is aimed at the absolute beginner. You can easily learn the whole process without having to undertake a web design or programming degree.

You won't just be given step-by-step instructions, you'll get access to online movie clips that will show you exactly how to create your own web site.

You'll learn:
  • Where to go on the web to create your own logo. Get your own logo in minutes.
  • Where to go on the web to get quality free images for your web site.
  • How to create an eye catching sales letter. Yup! You've heard of it, you know you have to use it. You know how to create one. Now, you'll learn how to make it stand out. How to use different styles, sizes and colors, without needing to know HTML.
  • How to create a simple yet full proof navigation system. You can create as big or small a navigation bar as you like.
  • How to create safe links from your site to another site without losing your prospects.
  • And much more!

Rights: Includes Master Resell Rights. You can sell this e-book at any price you desire and keep 100% of the profits. Please see terms and conditions for additional important information about rights.


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