Dustin Struckman

QuickPayPro Source Code - v2.962

Author or publisher: Dustin Struckman

Value: $297 - $697 - FREE for Members!

Description: "Grab Source Code Rights To Over $200,000 Worth Of eCommerce Automation Software Development..."

This is the actual source code for the original QuickPayPro Membership site. It was tested and developed over 4 years and is 100% authorized by QuickPayPro and Dustin Struckman.

This program is tried and true with over $9 million in sales processed, 90,000+ affiliates, 2.5 million subscribers, and over 5000 members using it as their shopping cart and affiliate tracking solution.

What Can You Do With This Source Code?

  • Set up QuickPayPro on your domain and run you own business - never pay $79 a month for a shopping cart and affiliate management company again!
  • Create your own Shopping Cart website and sell your Shopping Cart service to others for $49 to $79 a month!
  • Resell or License the source code to others for a hefty premium so they can run their own Shopping Cart and Affiliate Tracking membership websites!
  • Change the code to build a new piece of software, you can edit the code in any way you wish to create any type of new project you wish!
  • You get Full Resale Rights to this solution so you can sell it in any way that you see fit and at any price you see fit, you can even resell the source code itself... the only small requirement is that you do not remove the QuickPayPro copyright notice and link to QuickPayPro.com from it.

Rights: Includes Resale Rights and Source Code Rights. View the QuickPayPro Resale Rights and Source Code Rights license. Please see terms and conditions for additional important information about rights.

Notes: This is QuickPayPro version 2.962. Currently, the QuickPayPro site runs on version 3.1, but functionality is similar.

This product does not come with a sales page; however, you can view the original QuickPayPro Source Code sales page here...

Members - Download the QuickPayPro Source Code

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