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Gary Shawkey's Secrets

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Author or publisher: Brian Garvin and Gary Shawkey

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Description: Let Gary Shawkey and his number one student, Brian Garvin, take you by the hand and show you every secret Brian uses to make over $15,000 monthly from affiliate programs.

In 1999, Brian Garvin earned $9,287.49.

In 2000, Brian earned $14,531.72.

In 2001, his income jumped to $226,493.98.

Brian Garvin is a hot topic on the internet these days. We've been seeing his name more and more right next to the best of the best marketers out there. He's gotten the attention of all the serious marketers on the internet.

Brian is the TOP affiliate in almost every program he takes seriously. He's known as a brilliant marketer to almost anyone you talk to.

Brian Garvin makes a great living actually doing this stuff, so why not learn from someone who has succeeded in a very big way? Brian promotes other peoples programs, and lets them deal with the hassle of management, customer support, tech support, and cutting affiliate checks. He does nothing but promote and collect. Every week he checks his Post Office Box and finds thousands.

If you wanted to learn how to swim, would you rather read a book about swimming or start trying to swim with some help?

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