Harris Fellman

Peel Away Ads V2.0 - Now With Master Resale Rights!

Peel Away Ads V2.0 virtual box

Author or publisher: Richard Osterude and Harris Fellman

Value: $12 - FREE for Members!

Description: "Let's Face It: Customers Are Sick To Death of Pop-Ups, Fly-Ins, and Pop-Unders!!!"

Advertising Is Supposed To Attract More Sales - Not Scare Them Away, Right?!? Right!! -- Well, Welcome To The Ultimate, Non Intrusive, Cutting-Edge, Most Incredible Advertising Method Available Today...

"Visitors Are Actually Excited To See Your Ads!"

What's New in Peel Away Ads V2.0? Check it out!

Rights: Includes Master Resale Rights. View the Peel Away Ads V2.0 Master Resale Rights license. Please see terms and conditions for additional important information about rights.

Notes: The license for one of the bonuses, Spinning Popup, will not allow it to be added to a membership site, so I have removed it from this package. But within the package, the creators of Peel Away Ads have provided a link to a page where you can download the original Peel Away Ads files. You can download Spinning Popup from there if you would like.

View the Peel Away Ads V2.0 sample sales page provided with the package...

Members - Download Peel Away Ads V2.0

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