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Sonic Opt-In

Author or publisher: Jay Jennings

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Description: Sonic Opt-In has become the standard in in "Name Squeeze Page" generators.

What's a name squeeze page? It's an initial page designed to force people to opt-in and subscribe to your newsletter or ezine in order to receive more information. The idea is that you are more likely to make more sales if you can communicate with people multiple times than if you are trying for a one-shot chance with a sales letter page.

Sonic Opt-In is widely considered to be the state of the art for generating these pages - just fill in some blank fields and in just four steps you'll generate a complete forced opt-in page.

But that's not all...

Sonic Opt-In also lets you do something really cool. Something that will increase your conversions as well as make your list grow faster. Personalizing a sales letter is a proven way to increase your sales. And since you're already obtaining the prospects name, why not use it to personalize your sales letter? And while you are at it, why not add audio to your opt-in page, with either autostart or manual start.

You can even send people to different pages after they opt-in, depending on choices they make on the opt-in page - pages targeted exactly to their interests - and subscribe them to different autoresponders, also targeted exactly to their interests. Now you can create sub-niche lists with ease!

Sonic Opt-In Works with Aweber, Get Response, 1 Shopping Cart, Email Aces, etc. - most of the major autoresponder services. All you need is the ability to subscribe to a list via an email address. Sonic Opt-In even works without an autoresponder account for people who are just interested in the personalization feature.

Download Sonic Opt-In right now and you can have your first opt-in page up and running in less than 30 minutes. And it will only take you that long if you stop for dinner!

Rights: According to the license for this product, if you purchase Sonic Opt-In you have Resale Rights, but if you were given a copy of Sonic Opt-In you only have personal use rights. Since this is a paid membership site, I consider that to mean that you have purchased it from me and have Resale Rights. If you sell it to your customers, they also will have Resale Rights. You may also give this product away, but then the recipients only have personal use rights. Please see terms and conditions for additional important information about rights.


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