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Description: Need a fast, affordable way to take advantage of the online video revolution? "Introducing VideoWebWizard... The Easy Way For You To Start Using And Profiting With Online Video!"

The sales page says that this software is so simple that you could have one or more streaming videos on your website just 10 minutes from now, and it really is that simple. This wonderful little tool is simply amazing. It allows you to easily and quickly convert videos into Flash format for the Web.

Even if you are completely new to computers or just are not good with technology, don't worry! The VideoWebWizard software has a wizard-like functionality. It literally walks you through the few steps to converting video to website format.

VideoWebWizard converts all of the popular video formats... even a few that most comparable software programs don't support. VideoWebWizard supports AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, FLV, VOB, ASF, and MP4 video formats. Don't understand all that computer-speak? That's fine, you don't have to. All it means is that you won't find yourself frustrated with VideoWebWizard because it's not able to convert a certain video format!

VideoWebWizard converts these video files into a file format called "FLV," or "Flash Video." It's a technology that works with almost all computers and web browsers, even computers running on a non-Microsoft operating system like Macintosh or Linux. When you see a video on a website, 99% of the time it is probably in Flash video format. Why? Because Flash works almost everywhere, and Flash videos usually have a small file size so they load quickly while keeping good quality.

But VideoWebWizard doesn't just automatically convert your video... it will even create a small web page with your video on it, complete with a player and controls (play, pause, volume, and so on). Upload this page to your website, and you're done!

TIP: Want to create video demos of a software product or video tutorials? Use CamStudio Internet Marketers Version to record your screen in AVI format. Then use VideoWebWizard to convert it to Flash and create a Web page with a Flash player. You could do that with CamStudio alone, but using this method you will create a far nicer result. In fact, I think you will find that the result will rival what you could do with the most popular software for creating such "screencasts," Camtasia... except you won't have to spend $300 like you would for Camtasia!

Rights: Includes Master Resale Rights. Please see terms and conditions for additional important information about rights.

Notes: Although Flash videos play on almost any platform, the VideoWebWizard itself only runs on Windows-based PC's.

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