Lawrence Pryor

Lawrence Pryor

How To Win The War Of Internet Marketing

Cover: How To Win The War Of Internet Marketing

Author or publisher: Lawrence Pryor and Andrew Fox

Value: $17 - FREE for Members!

Description: Discover how YOU can easily create the life you desire on the Internet in less then 1 year. Now YOU can create your own successful Internet business and set it up for profit on the net. Lawrence Pryor and Andrew Fox, owners of Ultimate Mailer and Getmassivehits, will show you how!

As Lawrence and Andrew say:

There is no magic secret here, just tried and tested formulae that have worked for us and they will work for you too.

You will learn EVERY tip and trick that Lawrence and Andrew use themselves to create $20,000+ each and every month!

Tips such as..

  • How to source and develop a product from scratch whatever it may be
  • How to increase your sales dramatically overnight at little or no cost to you!! This works every time simply by utilizng the power of email..
  • The one thing you simply must do to succeed and why others think they cannot do this...
  • Discover the real truth on how you should be using pay per click search engines for their best and cheapest advantages. This alone is worth many times more than the price of this book and it will save many $$$ many times over.
  • What you should be doing to get the very best out of free classifieds from Yahoo, again providing Free Traffic to your website
  • How to write the killer headline that compels the user to take further action, they just cannot help it!!
  • Why tracking your ads should be exciting not dull, and why the Internet is the perfect medium for testing.
  • Why creating leads not sales are crucial to your overall success
  • Why the "Follow Up" can dramatically increase your sales by 700%
  • How to grow your database each and every day for sustained profit
  • Why joint ventures are worth their weight in gold if you know how to access them
  • How to massively increase your opt-in list, Once again by utilizing FREE Services
  • How to take credit card payments in as little as 48 hours

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