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Super Six

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Author or publisher: Robert Plank

Value: $67 - FREE for Members!

Description: Robert Plank's PHP scripts and articles are always right on the money. Robert's Super Six PHP scripts will create more impact on your Web site and put more profits in the bank!

Take any of these professionally written scripts and build upon them, play around with them and ask experienced programmers to further develop new angles on them to expand the features and functions.

Imagine if you could 'Re-wire' your sales letter based on input from your visitors... and transform your web copy into an interactive sales page that automatically rewrites itself based on visitor responses to questions you provide. It could send your conversion rates through the roof.

Rights: Includes Personal Use Only Rights. Please see terms and conditions for additional important information about rights.

Notes: I have a license to resell this product, but not to pass the resale rights on. You cannot resell this product, but you may use the product and all of the scripts for your own personal use.

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