Socrates Socratous

The Complete Moron's Guide To Buying On eBay

Cover - The Complete Moron's Guide To Buying On eBay

Author or publisher: Socrates Socratous

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Description: Powerseller Reveals "Moron-Proof" System to "Smart" Buyng" On eBay...

What if you could instantly tap into a Powerseller's mind, find deals at ridiculously cheap prices, and discover how you can immediately start buying on eBay - step-by-step and never fall into the traps even "savvy" buyers find themselves in most frequently?

The "Complete Moron's" Guide to Buying on eBay isn’t a standard e-Book or how-to document. It can’t compare to anything you've ever come across online before! It’s a simple and straightforward system that will have you buying exactly what you need and want and saving money on eBay in just hours... Even if you’ve never bought anything from the Internet before!

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