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Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a gift for you...

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day, and maybe I can help you out with it... Here's a Valentine's gift for you:

Romantic Ideas For A Memorable Valentine's Day

You even get Private Label Rights and Master Resale Rights!

Latest Dynamic Price Sale At Gigantic Resale Rights

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The One Skill That Can Make You Rich...

What is the one skill that can make you rich? Copywriting.

There is an old saying in direct marketing: You're only one good sales letter away from being a millionaire.

It's true. Once you have a successful sales letter, all you need to do is put it in front of more and more people.

The Gigantic Resale Rights Christmas in July sale continues with Copywriters Blueprint.

Is July Really The Month Of Death For Marketing?

Ask any traditional (American) direct marketer and they'll tell you never launch a major new campaign in July. They called it the month of death.

You see, in the days when a campaign meant printing and mailing direct mail pieces, it wasn't very smart to spend a lot of money in July when people might be on vacation or deep in summer family activities.

But the Internet really has changed direct marketing, so is this still a truism? After all, there are no printing costs and no postage costs and half of the world is in the middle of winter...

Get Your Name As Your URL On Facebook Tonight

This is some huge news... as of midnight EST time tonight, you will be able to get your name as your URL on Facebook ( if you are an existing user.

According to Facebook's Help Center...

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