Is July Really The Month Of Death For Marketing?

Ask any traditional (American) direct marketer and they'll tell you never launch a major new campaign in July. They called it the month of death.

You see, in the days when a campaign meant printing and mailing direct mail pieces, it wasn't very smart to spend a lot of money in July when people might be on vacation or deep in summer family activities.

But the Internet really has changed direct marketing, so is this still a truism? After all, there are no printing costs and no postage costs and half of the world is in the middle of winter...

The answer is that it's still partially true, but it's not nearly such a big thing now. And besides, what are you going to do... take the whole month off?

OK, scratch that... a month off actually sounds pretty good. :-)

But let's get realistic, what can you do in July to deal with this whole month of death thing?

First of all, think about this: Why not market in July? Sure, you might not make quite as many sales quite as easily as at some times of the year. But like I said, you don't have any printing or postage costs. So it doesn't really cost anything unless you're paying for advertising and you spend more than you make.

You can even turn your sales into an event, something like "Christmas in July" or the "Summertime Blues Sale." That way you have an excuse to have a sales marathon rather than a few isolated sales.

Alternatively, you can make plans and set up your campaigns for the months ahead. Create or acquire products to market. Work on articles for your article marketing campaigns. Line up JV partners.

Here's the key point: If you go buying into ideas like, "Don't market because it's the month of death!" you're just not going to get anywhere. These are all just excuses. Creative people do well in any market. Successful people make their own luck.

Hope you're enjoying your summer (or winter, if you're in the southern hemisphere)!

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