New Resale Rights Products and Article added - and I shelled out the bucks for Marketing Main Event 2

I've been hard at work so far in June... I've added $787.46 worth of resale rights products.and there's a lot more coming! I've spent a lot of money acquiring new products rights for Gigantic Resale Rights lately. I shelled out about $700 for Marketing Main Event 2.

Some products from there I can add to Gigantic Resale Rights, but many have to be sold separately. There are about $32,000 worth of products in the package - it's huge! It's going to take a long time just to go through it all, but already it's obvious it's one of the best buys I've ever made on the Internet.

I'll add what I can to Gigantic Resale Rights, but if you want it all, the only way to get a substantial part of it is directly through Marketing Main Event 2.

There are only about 350 out of the original 1000 memberships left - 650 have been sold since June 1st. It ends in 5 days or when the last 350 memberships are sold, whichever comes first... so if you have the money to spare (you can also split it over 2 or 3 month, a nice feature) you might want to grab the whole resale rights package.

Meanwhile, here's what I've added to Gigantic Resale Rights during the first week in June...

I'va added a new article:

Internet Marketing: The 5 Biggest Mistakes Most Internet Marketers Make

I added a book about eBook marketing:

eBook Marketing Revealed

And a book about Search Engines (and how to rank better in the Search Engines):

Search Engines Revealed

I added another membership site that Gigantic Resale Right members now get free access to (plus you can resell access to it or use it a bonus or incentive with your customers!):

I added a great eBook about niche marketing:

Million Dollar Niches

And of course that meant I should add a bunch of niche products. Recipes and cookbooks are a popular niche, so I added 14 cookbooks:

470 Crock Pot Recipes

400 Refreshing Punch Recipes

300 Outstanding Dip Recipes

120 Lip-Smacking Good Jam Recipes

150 Delicious Venison Recipes

65 Tried and True Traditional Amish Recipes

300 Recipes for the Grill

300 Chicken Recipes

101 Recipes in a Flash - plus VegeMeals in a Flash, Breakfast in a Flash, and Dessert in a Flash

101 Recipes for the Deep Fryer

111 Egg Recipes

101 Camping and Outdoor Recipes

4th of July Recipes

4 Christmas Cookbooks