New Resale Rights Products Added For August - 3

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I've made arrangements with Alan Reece, owner of AX Gold Software Limited and Software Gold Club, to include a free membership in his Niche Master Vault in the Gigantic Resale Rights members area.

When you get your free membership in the Niche Master Vault, you also have a chance to upgrade to the Platinum membership... and you may be wondering if it's worth it, so here's the scoop.

First, I've just added a couple new Master Resale Rights eBooks from the Platinum section of Niche Master Vault into the Gigantic Resale Rights members area. The two eBooks are:

Diamonds - A Girls Best Friend!

After School Activities - The Pros and Cons

From the cover graphics to the sales pages to the products themselves, these are high quality niche products with Master Resale Rights. I'll be adding other products that I can from the Platinum membership here, but there are two reasons you may wish to consider upgrading your Niche Master Vault free membership to the Platinum membership:

1. In some case you may get more rights than I can pass on through Gigantic Resale Rights. If I can pass on the same rights, I normally will. But sometimes products have restrictions. For example, I might get private label rights but only be able to pass on resale rights.

2. You not only get a free membership in the Niche Master Vault, you also get Master Resale Rights to resell the Niche Master Vault memberships as well as the products inside. You can keep 100% of the money you make from reselling the products or the memberships. But if you would also like to get a commission when people upgrade to Platinum, you must also have a Platinum membership. So if you plan to resell Niche Master Vault memberships, it may be worth your while to upgrade to Platinum. That way you can make additional backend sales.

As with anything, it's a judgement call. With just Gigantic Resale Rights membership and your free Niche Master Vault membership, you already have access to over $8422.14 worth of resale rights (and growing). But a Platinum membership at Niche Master Vault does add even more, and they are great quality.

Either way, enjoy the newest additions to the Gigantic Resale Rights membership area from the Niche Master Vault Platinum section:

Diamonds - A Girls Best Friend!

After School Activities - The Pros and Cons

If you are a member of Gigantic Resale Rights, you can access Niche Master Vault and all of the products from the Gigantic Resale Rights members' area