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New Products Added For July 2006 - 1

So far in July I've added a number of great new products.

First, there are 3 new Master Resale Rights products from Liz Tomey:

  • Your Own Home Movie Theater
  • The Making Of An Internet Millionaire
  • The High Rollers Guide To Joint Ventures

Then there are 3 new niche products:

  • Learn To Play Guitar
  • Pamper Your Dog - 130 Recipes For Your Canine Friend
  • Pamper Your Cat - 100 Recipes For Your Feline Friend

And then there's a great new AdSense product that actually provides 155 AdSense-ready websites:

  • AdSense Business In-A-Box

If you are a member of Gigantic Resale Rights, you can download all of the products from the Gigantic Resale Rights members' area

More is coming over the next few days and weeks, as I have just purchased many new products for the site!

New Resale Rights Products and Article added - and I shelled out the bucks for Marketing Main Event 2

I've been hard at work so far in June... I've added $787.46 worth of resale rights products.and there's a lot more coming! I've spent a lot of money acquiring new products rights for Gigantic Resale Rights lately. I shelled out about $700 for Marketing Main Event 2.

Welcome to my Gigantic Resale Rights Blog!

Thought I'd put up a blog here so I have an easy place to update you on additions, changes, and news at Gigantic Resale Rights. I'll also jot down some thoughts about Resale Rights and Internet marketing as I think of them. Maybe they will be of benefit to you, and if not, hey, at least I have a place to collect my thoughts. They seem to wonder away so easily when not written down.

That's the beauty of a blog - it can be very free-form, a glimpse into someone's mind or life... and that's very normal for a blog! Hopefully you find some use for some of it too.


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