111 Egg Recipes

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Author or publisher: Mrs. S. T. Rorer

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Description: Mrs. Rorer was a famous cookbook author back in your Grandmother's or Great Grandmother's (or maybe Great Great Grandmother's!) day.  This wonderful little cookbook has more about cooking eggs than I would have ever guessed existed.

You probably haven't tasted food like this since you were a little kid at Grandma's house!  Of course if you were like me as a kid, you probably wouldn't have eaten anything like this... If that's the case, then now is your chance to find out what you missed!  This is as far from the pre-packaged, overly-refined food in supermarkets today as you can get.

Here are just a few of the sumptuous egg recipes you will find in 111 Egg Recipes:

  • Eggs a la Reine
  • Eggs au Miroir
  • Eggs Rossini
  • Eggs a la Valencienne
  • Eggs Timbales
  • Eggs Suzette
  • Eggs a la Bonne Femme
  • Eggs Mirabeau
  • Eggs a la Windsor
  • Eggs Zanzibar
  • Eggs Bernaise
  • Curried Eggs
  • Havana Omelet
  • Omelet a la Washington
  • Swiss Souffle
  • and many more!

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Notes: This cookbook does not come with a sales page, but it does have a number of different variations of the cover graphic. The recipes are in the public domain, as this is a PDF version made from one of Mrs. Rorer's cookbooks or from recipes from her cookbooks. That means you can pretty much do anything with this eBook or the recipes.

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