350 Sales And Marketing Tactics

350 Sales & Marketing Tactics virtual cover

Author or publisher: Anonymous (by request)

Value: $20 - FREE for Members!

Description: Discover 350 Powerful Sales And Marketing Tactics You Can Implement In Your Business Right Now For More Profit...

You'll receive a set of 7 reports on 7 different topics, all targeted to making you more money:

  • Report #1 - Traffic Tactics
  • Report #2 - Product Creation Tactics
  • Report #3 - Productivity Tactics
  • Report #4 - Social Media Tactics
  • Report #5 - Upsell Tactics
  • Report #6 - Webcopy Tactics
  • Report #7 - Email Marketing Tactics

These are also perfect for building an opt-in list!

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Notes: You get the 7 reports in PDF format, the sales page below, a squeeze page for the overall series plus individual squeeze pages for each of the individual reports.

View the 350 Sales & Marketing Tactics sample sales page provided with the package...

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