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Author or publisher: J. P. Schoeffel

Value: $47 - FREE for Members! (Personal Use Only)

Description: Easily Track, Monitor, And PROFIT From ALL Your COMPETITORS' PPC Campaigns!

Feel Like Manhandling PPC And Having Your Way With It?

  • You log into your copy of AdSpyPro to create a campaign of the keywords that you'd like to track and spy on.
  • AdSpyPro proceeds to scour the Internet and collect PPC ads, identifying the affiliate ads vs. the non-affiliate ads.
  • AdSpyPro then tracks those ads for the length of time that you've told it to, and gathers up all kinds of juicy competitive information for you.
  • Reports are generated and provide you with the "profit signals". Those are your go-ahead campaigns, the one's that will stuff your pockets with cash.

Rights: Includes Personal Use Rights. View the AdSpyPro Personal Use Rights license and disclaimer. Please see terms and conditions for additional important information about rights.

Notes: This is a PHP program that runs on a web server. View the AdSpyPro technical requirements. All software is sold as-is - it is not created, tested, supported, or guaranteed by Gigantic Resale Rights.

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