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Author or publisher: Keith Gilbert

Value: $9.97 - FREE for Members!

Description: "Finally! Now YOU Can Enjoy The Benefits of CAMTASIA Without Having To Pay The $300 Price Tag"

I'm sure you've probably heard many Internet marketing gurus recommend Camtasia. You've probably also seen marketing videos or tutorials that were created with Camtasia. Camtasia lets you to make a video of your computer screen or a portion of your computer screen with you talking as the audio. Many successful internet marketers use Camtasia extensively - for example, to demonstrate a service or product that they are marketing.

There is really only one problem with Camtasia... it's fairly expensive, about $300.

CamStudio is a pretty good substitute. You can record from your screen and create a video in either .avi or .swf (Flash) video format. Flash videos can easily be added to your website, or you can create tutorial products to market.

CamStudio Internet Marketers Version fixes a couple bugs in the original CamStudio. Your videos will now display in Firefox and you can add an automatic redirect link for when the video is finished.

TIP: The basic Flash player that comes with CamStudio is somewhat old-fashioned looking compared to the players Camtasia uses. But you can record to .avi and then convert your videos to .flv (another Flash format) with VideoWebWizard and then use the really nice looking Flash players that come with VideoWebWizard to play them on your websites!

Rights: Includes Master Resale Rights. Please see terms and conditions for additional important information about rights.

Notes: Notes: Although Flash videos play on almost any platform, CamStudio Internet Marketers Version itself only runs on Windows-based PC's.

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