Explosive Product Launches

Cover: Explosive Product Launches

Author or publisher: Anonymous (by request) Private Label Rights

Value: $47 without rights, $197 with Private Label Master Resale Rights - FREE for Members!

Description: An Internet marketing guru shows you step by step the methods he uses to successfully launch his online products to an audience he can guarantee will buy from him.

Learn how you can use these same explosive product launch methods too! This course gives you a full 4 week start-to-finish, step-by-step guide to launch your products - From the planning stages, all the way through to launch day and beyond, ensuring that your product launches have the potential to reach circulations in the hundreds of thousands.

This is another really, really nice private label product from the authors of Triple Your Profits With The Truth About Backend Sales. Not only will you learn how to do your own explosive product launches in this PDF ebook, you will also get the fully editable Microsoft Word source file as well as the sales Web site. You can sell the product as-is or edit it almost any way you wish. You can edit and rebrand it, make it look like your own work, and take all the credit through private labeling.

Rights: Includes full Private Label Master Resale Rights. You may sell the edited or unedited version, with or without resale rights, with or without master resale rights, and with or without private label rights. Please see terms and conditions for additional important information about rights.

Notes: This product comes with powerful private label resale rights; however, you may not give away the product as a bonus or sell it on eBay or any other auction online or offline. If you have more than three products by the same authors, you may not sell more than three of their products bundled together in any one package or under any one domain at any one time. The authors have asked to remain anonymous in all marketing material, but their names are given in the instructions within the package.

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