Getting The Perfect Job

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Author or publisher: The Unselfish Marketer

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Description: Tips, tools, and advice to help anyone find their dream job:

  • How to Prepare for the Interview
  • Choosing the Perfect Job
  • Conducting Your Job Search
  • Conducting Yourself at the Interview
  • Dressing for the Interview
  • Enhance Your Skills to Find the Perfect Job
  • Finding Training Resources for Your Perfect Job
  • Defining the "Perfect Job"
  • Evaluating Your Qualifications for the Job
  • Five Ways to Guarantee Landing the Perfect Job
  • How Effective are Specialty Employment Agencies and Job Banks?
  • Getting the Perfect Job and Keeping It
  • Focus on the Interviewer and Interview
  • How to Kill Your Chances for Being Hired
  • How to Know if You’re Making the Right Choice
  • Proper Interview Techniques to Land the Perfect Job
  • Is Getting the Perfect Job Worth the Extra Effort?
  • Preparing for the Perfect Job
  • Project Your Own Image
  • You and the Perfect Job: How Do You Connect
  • Is the Perfect Job Fact or Fantasy?
  • The Best Job Resources
  • The Importance of Maintaining Professionalism
  • Things to Consider when Identifying the Perfect Job
  • Where to Find the Perfect Job

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