Loving Yourself And Others

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Author or publisher: Khai Ng

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Description: Changing Your Life Requires Some Knowledge... But Do You Have The Knowledge You Need? Discover How Loving Yourself and Others Can Benefit You And Discover The Art Of Loving Yourself As Who You Are And Give That Love Away!

It's rather intriguing that we tend to take our whole self - our self worth, mind and body - for granted most of the time.

We live in such a fussy world that we seldom stop to consider the care we should be giving to our selves to promote good physical as well as mental health. We are like machines that are on the go most of the time. Machines require oiling and fueling to continue. And we have to use the correct oil or fuel otherwise the machine breaks down, right?

It can be quite difficult to take good care of your whole self at times...

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