Niche Master Vault Membership - Over 200 Niche Products With Resale Rights!

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Author or publisher: AX Gold Software Limited

Value: $47 for Niche Master Vault Membership - But This Membership Site Contains Over 200 Niche Products Worth Over $3000 - FREE for Members!

Description: Grab your FREE membership in the Niche Master Vault - the BIGGEST value niche product collection on the Internet. Instant access to over 200 hot, ready-to-sell niche products worth over $3000!

Creating your own Niche Products can be very time consuming. If you are not blessed with good writing or software development skills - or even have no interest in any of the popular niches - you may find it virtually impossible to develop your own product.

With the Niche Master Vault, you can skip the product development phase altogether. Acquire a collection of valuable niche products catering to a huge range of hot niches in the Internet marketplace. Resell them and keep 100% of the profits -- without sharing a single cent with anyone!

Niches include:

  • Business And Jobs Niches
  • Dating Niche
  • Lifestyle And Relationship Niches
  • Special Occasion Niches
  • Family, Children And Pet Niches
  • Health, Fitness And Beauty Niches
  • Mental Health, Mind And Dreams Niches
  • Hobbies And Interests Niches
  • Personal Finance Niche
  • Travel And Language Niches
  • Arts And Crafts Niches
  • House And Home Niches
  • Food And Drink Niches
  • Stories Niches
  • Computers And Internet Niches
  • See the full list of niche products you will receive on the Niche Master Vault sample sales page!

You can sell all or any of the products separately from the Niche Master Vault OR you can sell access to the Vault itself. If you sell access to the Vault itself, your customers can download products directly from the Niche Master Vault membership site.

Rights: Includes Master Resale Rights for the Niche Master Vault itself. You may also resell all or any of the over 200 individual products inside the Vault. All of the individual products within the Niche Master Vault have at least Resale Rights. Rights on the individual products vary from Resale Rights to Master Resale Rights to Private Label Rights. If you sell memberships in the Niche Master Vault, the standard price for membership is $47. You are not forced to sell at this price, but please do not devalue it by selling it for "peanuts." The Niche Master Vault may also be used as a bonus and may be added to monthly paid membership sites charging at least $27 a month and paid packages costing at least $67. The Vault itself should not be sold on auction sites and must NEVER be given away free or included in any giveaway or free access site. Please see terms and conditions for additional important information about rights.

Notes: Since the Niche Master Vault itself is already a huge package, special permission must be obtained if you want to include the Niche Master Vault inside another package. The Niche Master Vault was added to Gigantic Resale Rights with special permission from Alan Reece, owner of AX Gold Software Limited. (Thanks, Alan!)

View the Niche Master Vault sample sales page provided with the package...

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