Spam Learner Pro

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Author or publisher: Jeffrey Levesque

Value: $97 - FREE for Members!

Description: #7 of 10 Hot Software Resale Right Products from the March Source Code Madness sale

"Being Flooded With Spam? Discover the Quick and Easy Way to Save Yourself from Receiving Unwanted Junk Email Below!"

SpamLearner Pro is an automated spam filter that protects your inbox by learning to detect spam as its being used. After being in use for only a short while, it will adapt to your personal tastes and will block out almost everything that you consider "junk email."

You get:

  • A sales page website with graphics, ready to add your personal and payment info PLUS text versions of the sales page
  • A professional graphics package with all graphics for the product and website plus blank JPG images plus layered source PSD images
  • The ready-to-sell software
  • The software source code files so that you or your programmer can brand or modify the software or even create new software

NOTE: Like the other software in this package, this software does not come with any documentation. Some of the products in the package do not really need documentation, but this one probably does. I don't know about you, but I depend heavily on email for business, so I would not want to install it to filter all of my email without some documentation and without testing it first on a non-production computer.

Still, this looks like quite a nice product. I recommend you test it out on a spare computer (not your main one, and not for your main email) and then create some good user documentation for it. Since the source code is included, if you figure it out, rebrand it, and create some good user documentation, I think you will have a very marketable product. Even without documentation, it has been selling like crazy as part of the March Source Code Madness package.

Rights: Includes Unrestricted Private Label Master Resale Rights. You can do anything with this product that you dream up! For example: You can sell it individually or as part of a package (it is often sold packaged with the 9 other March Source Code Madness products). You can sell it with Resale Rights and/or Private Label Rights. You can charge any price you want. You can even give it away or offer it as a bonus or subscriber incentive. You can give away Resale Rights and/or Private Label Rights. You can create a Software Membership site. You can alter the source code, the graphics, and/or the sales page and can even create BRAND NEW Applications. Please see terms and conditions for additional important information about rights.

Notes: Please note that Gigantic Resale Rights was not the developer of this product and cannot provide support for this software. We also have not tested it thoroughly and therefore, as with any software, cannot guarantee that it works properly or that it will not harm anyone's computer, nor can we assume any liability for any damage resulting from the use of this software.

If you wish to modify the source code or brand the software, you will need to have the expertise (or hire someone with the expertise) to modify the source code and to recompile the software.

View the Spam Learner Pro sample sales page provided with the package...

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