This Is… Flippin' Amazing

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Description: Imagine if you could create a website in a few hours and then sell it for a few hundred dollars. That would make for a pretty nice part-time or even full time job, wouldn't it?

Flipping websites is akin to flipping houses, with one huge difference. When people set out to flip houses, or real estate in general, they typically have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars. People who flip houses will find houses that are undervalued, put money into them in order to fix them up and then they'll sell those houses for a profit.

The same can be done with websites. You can buy a website for a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars, fix it up and then sell it for even more money than you bought it for.

That's not what you're going to learn here. You're going to learn how to build the websites that others will buy. What you're going to learn here is how to build websites from scratch using very little money so that you can create an income stream that will either supplement your income, or it can even become your sole means of income.

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