Twitter Wonder Tactics

Twitter Wonder Tactics virtual cover

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Description: Social media platforms, like Twitter, have changed the way people communicate and interact. This micro-blogging platform that has had a never-before-seen growth, at an over 1,000 percent increase in its user base year-on-year, is the equivalent of a virtual social club where people can meet, get to know each other, socialize, make new friends and maintain existing friendships.

One thing that Twitter is not is an online mall where people come to buy or sell things. Treating Twitter like a traditional advertising medium will get you nowhere.

On the other hand, this micro-blogging platform ranks among the most effective and powerful marketing tools that you can use. This is due to the fact that Twitter is the perfect place to build relationships with your target market.

Twitter gives you the opportunity to build that relationship with your potential customers which will help you generate leads as well as more customers.

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