Warriors Most Asked Questions

Author or publisher: Bill Jamshedji

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Description: Shift Your Knowledge Into Overdrive!

If you get a splitting headache when you see HTML, create a website, work with Wordpress, try to install a script, or get stuck with Web browser compatibility problems, this package may just save your Internet Marketing career.

The author has gathered together over 100 of the most commonly asked technical questions from the Warriors Forum (the best Internet Marketing forum on the Web, in my opinion) and he provides concise, clear answers.

You get 3 ebooks:

  • The Most-Asked Warrior Questions Answered
  • Warrior SOS - How to Get Help When You Need It
  • Invaluable Links List

Plus you also get 7 instructional videos in WMV format:

  • Using FTP - How to use your FTP Client to transfer files to and from your host. (7:00 Minutes)
  • Using CPanel - How to use your CPanel Control Panel to manage your website. (24:13 Minutes)
  • Using Fantastico - How to use the versatile Fantastico utility to quickly install scripts. (9:34 Minutes)
  • Using MySQL - How to create and manage MySQL Databases. (6:22 Minutes)
  • WordPress Part 1 - Installing WordPress manually. (18:43 Minutes)
  • WordPress Part 2 - Using Themes and Plugins and the WordPress Dashboard. (18:48 Minutes)
  • WordPress Part 3 - Moving your WordPress Site to another host and Domain Name. (21:26 Minutes)

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Notes: You get the 3 ebooks in PDF file format plus the the 7 instructional videos in WMV format. This product does not include a sales page.

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