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Saving Your Time Membership

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Author or publisher: Jeremy Gislason

Value: $47 - FREE for Members!

Description: Do You Suffer From Information Overload? Are you trying to Juggle work, family and online comitments all to no avail?

Over 200 video and audio courses teach you how to create your own software, ebooks, and graphics, how to design your own webpage, and how to create more traffic.

Rights: Includes Personal Use Rights. (Resale Rights are available as an upgrade through the Saving Your Time membership site.) Please see terms and conditions for additional important information about rights.


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Author or publisher: J. P. Schoeffel

Value: $47 - FREE for Members! (Personal Use Only)

Description: Easily Track, Monitor, And PROFIT From ALL Your COMPETITORS' PPC Campaigns!

Feel Like Manhandling PPC And Having Your Way With It?

  • You log into your copy of AdSpyPro to create a campaign of the keywords that you'd like to track and spy on.
  • AdSpyPro proceeds to scour the Internet and collect PPC ads, identifying the affiliate ads vs. the non-affiliate ads.
  • AdSpyPro then tracks those ads for the length of time that you've told it to, and gathers up all kinds of juicy competitive information for you.
  • Reports are generated and provide you with the "profit signals". Those are your go-ahead campaigns, the one's that will stuff your pockets with cash.

Rights: Includes Personal Use Rights. View the AdSpyPro Personal Use Rights license and disclaimer. Please see terms and conditions for additional important information about rights.

Notes: This is a PHP program that runs on a web server. View the AdSpyPro technical requirements. All software is sold as-is - it is not created, tested, supported, or guaranteed by Gigantic Resale Rights.

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Marketing Graphics Pro

Marketing Graphics Pro virtual box graphic Marketing Graphics Pro sample graphics

Author or publisher: Didier Faucher

Value: $37 - FREE for Members! Non-members - if you hurry, there is a special sale here ==> Marketing Graphics Pro sale

Description: Make More Sales... Get More Subscribers... Earn More Money... Could It Really Be This Simple?

While it may be the words on a page that sell, graphics definitely make an impression. And these are some beautiful graphics!

Master Resale Rights were not available for Marketing Graphics Pro. I could only get Resale Rights and I can only pass on Personal Use Rights. But it is such a really nice (and huge!) collection of thousands of graphics that I thought you would like it for your personal use. Check out the Marketing Graphics Pro sales page for more samples and details of what is included.

Rights: Includes Personal Use Rights for the main product (no resale rights). Also includes Master Resale Rights and Private Label Rights for Bonuses 1, 2, and 3 and their Photoshop PSD files. Bonus 4 is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Please see terms and conditions for additional important information about rights.


View the Marketing Graphics Pro sales page (not included with the package because I can only pass on rights for personal use)...

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Super Six

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Author or publisher: Robert Plank

Value: $67 - FREE for Members!

Description: Robert Plank's PHP scripts and articles are always right on the money. Robert's Super Six PHP scripts will create more impact on your Web site and put more profits in the bank!

Take any of these professionally written scripts and build upon them, play around with them and ask experienced programmers to further develop new angles on them to expand the features and functions.

Imagine if you could 'Re-wire' your sales letter based on input from your visitors... and transform your web copy into an interactive sales page that automatically rewrites itself based on visitor responses to questions you provide. It could send your conversion rates through the roof.

Rights: Includes Personal Use Only Rights. Please see terms and conditions for additional important information about rights.

Notes: I have a license to resell this product, but not to pass the resale rights on. You cannot resell this product, but you may use the product and all of the scripts for your own personal use.

View the sales page for Super Six...

Members - Download Robert Plank's Super Six

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