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Leonard Payne

If you've never seen the genius copywriter John Hostler at work, then prepared to be awestruck.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Dear Internet Marketer

Squeeze Pages, Reverse Squeeze Pages - I wonder how many different varieties there are out there? If you don't know what a squeeze page is, it's a web-page that encourages people to give you their name and email address sometimes in exchange for a report or something. It remains axiomatic that without a squeeze page on your site you don't get to build a list and without a list, you can say goodbye to any serious, long term money. How would you like to have lessons from a master that will build you a massive list.

Now there are a huge number of resources out there that will show you how to build a squeeze page and even software that will do it for you in a kind of question and answer way - fill out the blanks and boxes and 'lo and behold', you get yourself a squeeze page.

Sadly, such squeeze pages don't do the job. They suck .... seriously. I'm sure you've found that as well.

But NOW the answer is at hand. You want to see how?

The guy I'm going to introduce you to is a seasoned marketer and probably one of the most kick-ass copywriters around. I've discovered and resourced for you a rather amazing video over one hour long.

This video will totally change the way you think about squeeze pages. You are going look over the master's shoulders while he works.

Listen to what Steven Schneidermann says about John Hostler. "What makes him different is his tone. It has an edge to it that draws you in, slaps you in the face (and calls you Susan), and makes you take out your wallet and buy.

Now admittedly such a tone may not be for everyone or every product, and that's why John provides a menu of styles and voices for his copywriting services. As a "pitch guy" John understands that the tone of your sales copy has to be appropriate for your audience. So he offers you copy with and without "sass." In fact, he [recently] had a great special deal including your choice of a sales page, autoresponder email series, or squeeze page along with one revision, site graphics and a software package of your choice!"

Now that offer is sadly closed. Interestingly even on that special offer, John's price for a squeeze page was $695 and those bought in thought this was a fabulous deal.

Well if $697 is fabulous, how much more fabulous is this 'over one hour', (actually 1-1/4 hours) sitting with John, watching this guy at work.


Check Discover how one of the best copywriters around creates his own and clients squeeze pages.
Check Break those long term habits that provide zero return.
Begin to see explosive sign ups through your pages
Check See precisely how the professionals actually win at this game.
Check Open the door to increased profits - after all the money IS in the list.

As I said previously, John Hostler, even when running one of his special offers would charge at least $697. And thats just to create ONE squeeze page.

But in this package, you get to sit behind the shoulder of John Hostler and watch for over 1 hour how he creates his squeeze pages.

This outstanding education should be costing you in the region of $1200 - After all you are getting education from the master himself. But you are getting this for only $27

CheckYes! That's all this fantastic, step-by-step recipe is gonna cost you ...$27.

So ... what goodies do you get for just $27?

Check The Full 1 -1/4 hour video showing the amazing John Hostler creating squeeze pages
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In fact, I'm so confident you'll be fully satisfied with the John Hostler Squeeze Page Video
that I'm willing to let you actually keep the video, no matter what – as my way of saying thank you for trying it.

So, you see, you have absolutely no risk in ordering
John Hostler's Squeeze Page Video – all the risk is on me!

Leonard Payne

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